Schools Need Help Fundraising offers oly high-profit school fundraisers that create success.


Thousands of elementary schools, middle schools and entire school districts can trust Schools Need Help with their main fundraisers every year! You will discover how to succeed at your school fundraising effort and raise more without additional work or volunteer hours.

Everything is included. In fact, every elementary school fundraiser, middle school fundraiser and PTA / PTO fundraisers include 33+ features that streamline the fundraising process and make schools look good!


We are happy you are taking the leap to become a superhero. We can’t wait to work with you and help schools all over America. Let us show you why we are the right choice. Here is a little about what we want to accomplish over the next few years. If we can help schools not have budget issues through year-round fundraising with their own fundraising agent to guide and help and achieve their goal.


We have over 20 videos showing you how can promote your fundraiser. Unique tools and tips that help generate more exposure to our fundraiser. You can use a fundraiser agent to help you also. Best to understand the tools you have will create success.


We stand together. You will not be alone. With all the tools and tips, you create questions that people in the community can answer or help with a fresh idea. Without support we could not achieve or goals alone. In this forum based atmosphere can you ask specific questions. You must be a member to add to the forum.


Create Your Fundraising Campaign, there’s no easier way to share your story and attract support. Share with Family and Friends with your built-in connections to Facebook, Twitter, all social media avenues & Email. Easily Accept Donation from global opportunity.


Reaching out to all social media is phenomenal. A single post can reach thousands of Parents and students that can now help your fundraisers leap tall buildings by single bound. Sound familiar. Don’t be a side kick! You’re a superhero remember! Here are some great ideas to help you how to accomplish and conquer the social media frenzy!


40% of all interactions with the internet are done on a Mobile device. That is a lot of missed traffic if your campaign was not Mobile Ready. It makes it easy to support your fundraiser and campaign and increases the chance of being a real success. Friends and family can now support your fundraiser nationwide, with any device, by shopping on our easy to use and mobile friendly online shopping site, www.handpickednursery.com.


Becoming a fundraising superhero takes great responsibility, you are only as good as your recources and powers. We have put all your fundraising resources in one convenient location. Sponsors and Principals gain instant access into our vaults of communication, marketing, and tools and tips area to help improve and track sales! Fundraising reminder notices, fundraising email templates, training videos, our phone number and much more are available to make sure you succeed!


You are the fundraising superhero and the teachers are your faithful mentors. Every mentor deserves a special thank you for their services. For those teachers who achieve 180 orders or higher participation rate from their classroom or group, will be gifted a $50 gift card of their choosing. This helps teachers get involved in the fundraiser & will increase fundraiser profits! Any student that submits an order is considered a participant.


Most Children love strawberries and these superheroes will get excited when they see how they can make a difference. By learning to lead gives these children a learning tool that expounds on so many teaching moments. Turning their experiences into a learning process is powerful. By learning to lead is excitement when they see themselves achieving, small goals by reach for the stars. If the class achieves the 240 mark. They will receive an Awesome pizza party on US! The student with the most sales will receive a $25 gift card to Walmart!


We have the largest payed out percentage in the industry. You can receive 60% of sales from your direct school fundraiser. With a personal campaign page your reach expands globally. We have many options to help you reach out and create a successful fundraising campaign. This type of teamwork takes work and effort to create something meaningful. We are here to help. We guarantee you will raise at least $5000 or I will personally donate $500 to your campaign.


The Principal and leaders that helped make this entire event possible. We want to personally thank you. With your leadership and your school raising $100k in two years we will donate $4000 to your schools designated fund of your choosing. School expense reduction fund. If you raise $65K within two years we will donate $2000. When you have achieved the challenge, the challenge starts again!


First, I am so happy that we will be working together and make this the easiest and most successful fundraiser ever! The first thing you will need to do is register . This gives you access to all the material needed to get started. It starts with our checklist to success. We believe in our checklist success that we will guarantee that you will raise no less than $3000 or we donate the difference to ensure you earn the $3000.


Being organized, have a game plan, and the support to accomplish it! There is no reason to not reach your goal. Let alone $3000. We want you to raise $15k, $30K but to get there, you will need to get translate your mission to your team. That is where we can help immensely, with training videos, and articles that have step by step instructions. If you do not find it there you will be able to go to the forum and ask for help! Your organizer will assist you with your needs to make this a success.


Knowledge is everything. Giving the students and parents the knowledge of what you are trying to do is the most important thing to put together for the campaign. Putting information together to edit the Brochure template, email template, introduction letter to parent’s letter, and then organize distribution will create a very successful campaign.


Schools Need Support has partnered with UPS and Fed Ex to provide you with the best delivery options available. We trust them with our products and thus with your fundraising order. Together we work to provide you with the best customer service and communication about your orders.


Our powerful platform give you technology and is jam packed with all the latest technologies making it completely responsive. With a complete training video library, you have the resources and support needed to be successful.


No matter the need, call us for yourself, your volunteers, administration, and customers to contact our headquarters directly. This number and an email address are clearly listed on EVERY student order sheet to make it easy for your group to contact us when in



This is our third option for the school to raise money. Allowing people that do not live close to participate in the fundraiser. When they order from handpickednursery.com Your school will receive 10% of all orders received with free shipping to the customer


Finding something you can believe in creates a drive to succeed. Our mission is to help every school in the Nation to reach their goals. This is an opportunity to do something that feels good. You have three ways to earn an income.

  1. Fundraiser Generated: Minimum commission is $160 for every fundraiser that initiates. Average commission is $320.
  2. Commission on all sales generated towards website with over 12 ways to generate a sale with support and step by step instructions to learn a new skill.
  3. We have a two-tier system, with recruitment you can earn an income by creating other super heroes to be like you! With unlimited expansion.


The platform at first can be intimating looking but start watching the first video and you will be amazed how straightforward the system is. With over 36 videos in 8 categories and 59 articles in 8 categories, there should be an answer to every marketing and platform question. We also, have phone support. We want to make sure we can reach out and help you achieve your financial goals with Schools Need Support. You succeed we succeed! So, let’s do this together and grow and learn towards perfection. We will also have a forum to help get any question or concern answered.


Take advantage of an in-depth and easy-to-use sales report that is provided in print and online. You’ll get up to 16 detailed reports plus other customizable reports online so that the data you need is at your fingertips when you need it. There are detailed step by step support material at your fingertips on: QR Codes, Page Peels, Social Media, Banners, email templates, video Brochure templates, etc. If we do not have it help create it and we will add it to our arsenal. Our mission is to create a family of experts.


We are small and want to grow relationships that last a lifetime. You will not be treated like a number or an affiliate seller but a person that has the same dreams as us! To help others succeed. That is why we started this in the first place to help children succeed and become superheroes.


Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.